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Flying Pet Peeves

by eric on Jun.09, 2010, under News, Rants

As a working musician I fly extremely often and it’s not one of my favorite activities. There are certain things that people do that really hinder the process of flying and drive me crazy!! I will grant you that much of the time I’m flying red-eye flights, early morning flights or international 9+ hour flights so I’m usually already exhausted and irritable but even on the most happy day I usually end up annoyed. I think many of these things are done out of inexperience but some people are just plain inconsiderate and it makes me a grumpy flyer. Here are some of my flying pet peeves.


1. People taking forever in the security line. One of my biggest frustrations is going through security. I already hate the feeling of being in a communist country (which is a topic for another blog) but it makes it worse when people aren’t prepared. What they expect from you at airport security is not a secret. You can look it up online before you go to the airport or as you’re standing in line for what is sometimes hours there are signs telling you exactly what to do when you get to the conveyor belt. Have a plan! It will save you and me a lot of time.


2. Lining up before your time. Most airlines board by zone numbers anymore but some still use row numbers. (Don’t get me started on Southwest. Their system is way to complicated for most of the general public.) LOOK at your boarding pass and know what your zone number is before you even get to the gate then don’t get in line until your number is called! It’s impossible to board when there are 200 people standing around in front of the gate.


3. Know your seat number. I’m still amazed at this day in age at the amount of people that can’t find their seat on the airplane. EVERYTHING IS MARKED! There are even pictures on most flights anymore. There is a number and a letter that matches the numbers and letters right above the seats. It’s not rocket science!


4. Using the back of the seat in front of you to sit down. I usually use my time in the air to sleep because a lot of times when you’re touring that is the only time to sleep. There’s nothing worse than getting to your seat, cozying up to the window, dozing off when the guy behind you violently shakes your seat. Don’t use the seat in front of you to support yourself. That’s what the arm rests are for!


5. Stand up and let people pass. If you’re in the aisle seat and someone else needs to get to their window seat get up, step out of the aisle and let them through. I love it when someone looks at me as if they want me to climb over them. I’m an adult. I’m not going to be doing any acrobatics to get to my seat. I’ll stand up for you if you stand up for me. Deal?


I know I’ve left out some obvious ones here like crying babies, Fighting over the armrest and leaving the window shades open during the movie so I’ll probably be updating this blog in the future but these are the ones that really kill me. Please feel free to add your peeves to the list. I do think that if we all try a little harder, prepare better and think ahead we can make the flying experience better for everyone. Let me know what you think. See you in the air.


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