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Jet lag and food.

by eric on Oct.13, 2010, under Eastern Europe Tour 2010, Music

So today was our first day off and the jet lag is in full force. It usually takes me until the 4th day to really feel it. My body feels like it weighs 800 pounds and I can barely keep my eyes open. We had an 8 am lobby call, drove an hour to the aiport, spent another hour checking in, took a 2 and a half hour flight from St. Peteresburg to Krasnodar (I pronounce it ‘close the door’), spent another hour getting luggage and loading and then we drove to the hotel. At the hotel we had about 3 hours to nap and clean up before dinner. After that I returned to the hotel by about 10:30 where I spent another hour trying to get the internet to work and here I am writing this blog. That was my day off.

St. Petersburg yesterday was really beautiful and the show went well. It’s such a different vibe there than the cold, intimidating, old school, communist Russia vibe of Moscow. St. Petersburg is more about beauty. The buildings are much more artsy. There are lots of parks and monuments. It’s known as the cultural center of Russia. The people there were much more relaxed and friendly. We played in an old orchestral theater in the middle of town. It’s such a trip being in these old theaters. It instantly takes you back in time to when you’d be playing for a Czar or something. I’d love to stay the night in one of them and do some ghost hunting. The crowd was great, the Jager was flowing, the weird Italian food was delicious and we all had a good time.

Which brings me to my next point. A lot of times the local promoters who are in charge of feeding the band will take us to their best version of our hometown foods. So far we’ve eaten pizza, Italian food, and Sushi. I guess they think it’ll make us feel at home which is a nice jesture. The problem is that the food is never quite right. It’s like trying to get good Thai food in Iowa. It’s not goona happen. It’s a drag to be eating mediocre sushi when I bet the Russian food here rocks. Where can I get some of that?? I’m not saying the food is bad but it’s just a little off. Like corn in the spaghetti sauce or not so spicy tuna rolls. I would rather have McDonald’s or Taco Bell. at least that’s the real thing. Sometimes we are sponsored by one restaurant in each town so we’ll eat at the same place the whole time we’re there. It’s great if the place has a big menu but sometimes it’s three meals and none of them are good. So far this time it hasn’t been that way…but it’s only day 4.

Last night after the show while drinking it up at the weird Italian food place, we watched a bootleg DVD of a show we did in Kiev a few years ago. This place is full of bootleg stuff. It’s hard to even sell the real cd’s because everyone already has copies and they bring them for Keiko to sign. It’s kind of hilarious. It was an awesome DVD, though. I never did get that check in the mail…hmmm.

Tomorrow we rock Krasnodar! I’ll tell you all about it.

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