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Interview Part 2

by eric on Sep.30, 2009, under Music, News, Stuff You Didn't Know About Me

2. What instruments do you play? Are you professionally trained, both vocally and instrumentally? Please explain.  I started playing guitar when I was 7 years old. My Dad bought me a guitar for xmas and started teaching me chords. He was in a band when he was in high school. My mom also sang and played guitar so I had musical genes. Around that age we also got a piano in the house so I started teaching myself to play. My mom could also play piano so I picked up what I could from her and the rest came from learning song from records. The eighties was a great time to play piano with all of the ballads on the radio. In 4th grade I started playing the trumpet in band and excelled at that. When I got to middle school I wanted to play guitar in the jazz band but the chords looked like algebra problems so I thought “how about bass? It’s only one note at a time” and that was the beginning of my career as a bass player. They also had a drum set in middle school and I really wanted to play drums. We had more percussion players than trumpet players and I was first chair so the band director wouldn’t let me change but I eventually bought a drum set and figured that one out too. So much so that my junior year in high school I joined the marching band as a percussion player and won the top award that year. I went on to teach the drumline for 9 years after I graduated. I’ve been to 11 band camps. I know it’s nerdy. I studied music in high school and took it very seriously. I could always count on three A’s every semester to keep my grade point average up: Band, Jazz Band, and Choir. Without them I would’ve never graduated. When I went to Berklee College of Music I was a bass player and then I switched to voice. I was not happy at all in the voice department so I switched back to bass. Vocal majors are crazy ;-) . I play a lot of different instruments but I had to pick one when it came time for college. I had learned to read well on the bass because I hated to practice so I figured I would succeed the most at a college on bass. That’s how I decided on that for my career. I’ve never really been that passionate about the bass and I’ve regretted that decision from time to time. That’s why I love this new record which allows me to play guitar and keyboards and focus more on the singing. I relate to the bass more as my day job.

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