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Working from his studio in Valley Village, CA, Eric Baines produces music for everything from TV and film to radio ready albums. He has a roster of Los Angeles’ best musicians and singers who help him to produce high quality yet affordable music. When he’s not making music, Eric is listening to music to both stay ahead of the curve when it comes to modern music and to provide specific production styles to songwriters who are pitching to artists. If you have a song to pitch to Taylor Swift, he can make it sound like Taylor Swift and in today’s competitive market, that’s an edge that everybody needs.


Eric Baines has been producing music since he was 14 years old when a recording studio moved to his town. The second he walked in the door for the first time he was hooked. He immediately borrowed money from his grandfather to record one of the many songs that he had already written. Eric played all of the instruments and thus began his recording and producing career.


Eric continued to make music throughout High School and then attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. After college he returned to his home town of Denver where he was the staff bass player at a local studio. There he honed his skills while playing on jingles and theme music. He also began to produce his own music as well as demos and albums for his friends. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, California where he currently resides.

Eric Baines
Music Samples
Lucas Grabeel
(High School Musical, Switched at Birth)
Rudy Cardenas
(American Idol Contestant)
Eric Baines
Dive Bar Rock Star!
Corbin Bleu
(High School Musical, In The Heights on Broadway)
Songwriting Demo Production
1. One More Chance
(D. Jonelis)
Vocals and all instruments and programming by Eric Baines.
2. Cotton Candy
(E. Baines, A Synclair)
All instruments and programming by Eric Baines
3. Unprovoked I Love You’s
(D. Jonelis)
Vocals and All Instruments and programming by Eric Baines
4. A Love Song
(L. Grabeel, E. Baines)
Programming, bass and keyboards by Eric Baines
Film and TV Ad
Music and Sound Design by Eric Baines
5. I Wish I Didn’t Love You So Much
(E. Baines, B. Smith)
All instruments by Eric Baines except drums.
The Producer
Highlights from the film
Prime Of Your Life
Check it out on Netflix